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Swallowtail (Title)


For the best days of your life.

There simply is nothing like riding a Swallowtail in deep powder. This unique shape not only produces immediate float, years of geometry R&D have made the ride otherworldly. High-speed ninety degree quick flicks are effortless for speed-checking and navigating tight rocks and trees, and on open steeps and over drops, long sweeping pow turns and cowboy powder landings will have you re-evaluating your life goals.

On groomer down days, laying your Swallowtail up on its edges for long, linked carves is said to please the snow gods.

147 (6.5m) 31.5 25.2 27.5
157 (7m) 32.0 25.4 27.0
168 (7.5m) 32.0 25.0 27.0
179 (8m) 32.0 25.6 27.4