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A big burly ski for big fun lines.

The elongated early-rise, extra-wide shovel of the Raglefant combines with the ski taper and swallow-tail for epic lift in powder. The progressive flex pattern endows hard-charging confidence in tracked snow while the shortened contact length and radial sidecut provide a surprisingly quick turn for such a powder ski.

Available Widths TIP WAIST TAIL
F All-conditions workhorse, a balance between floatation and agility. 145 118 122
FF Big mountain charger combines deep snow floatation with stability in mixed conditions. 155 128 132
FFF Our premier powder shape for full-time floatation atop the lightest snow. 165 138 142

Available Lengths (SIDECUT)
160 (18), 170 (22), 180 (26), 190 (30), 200 (34)