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Make hard-charging second nature.


With its aggressive side cut, the Dark Star's natural inclinations are straight lines, long arcing turns, and high-velocity smears. Early rise with slight camber underfoot, a mid-wide body that tapers, a notched tail, and progressively stiffer flex all contribute to superb float in powder and confidence landing big drops. Put all together, this board excels most at hard-charging all conditions every day.

The Dark Star has been thoroughly tested and is certified to rip on the following types of snow: Chest Deep, RPK1-3, Cold Smoke, Free Refills, Upside Down, Dust on Crust, Crud, Mashed Potatos, Blower, Egg Carton, Coral Reef, Sierra Cement, Ice Coast, Groomers, and Corn.

When you order your Dark Star, select your length, construction profile, and topsheet and we'll determine your final flex pattern based on your riding style, height/weight, gender, and age. Once you approve the complete design, we'll build and deliver your board in 2-3 weeks.

Length (Sidecut) Tip Waist Tail
148 (7m) 29.0 23.8 27.0
152 (7.3m) 29.8 24.4 27.8
156 (8m) 31.2 26.0 29.2
160 (8.3m) 32.0 26.6 30.0

Construction Profiles
Maple/Ash cores optimize the responsive high-energy ride of Hard Maple with the impact and vibration absorption of White Ash. 22 oz of stitched, triaxial fiberglass enhances torsional rigidity.
Blending Fir with Maple/Ash creates a far lighter board ideal for pure backcountry and split-boarding. 16 oz of stitched, triaxial fiberglass enhances torsional rigidity.
Maple/Ash/Fir/Carbon (+$99)
Blending Carbon and Fir with Maple/Ash creates the lightest possible board for backcountry hiking and split-boarding while providing optimum performance. 8 oz of stitched, triaxial fiberglass enhances torsional rigidity.


Construction Profile

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