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Make hard-charging second nature.


The Dark Star's natural inclination is to float and slash big pow lines. Early rise rocker camber with full camber starting near the back foot, a mid-wide body with a large nose, and a stiff notched tail all contribute to superb float in powder and confidence landing jumps and drops.

Length (Sidecut) Tip Waist Tail
144 (7.2m) 28.2 23.2 26.2
148 (7.5m) 29.0 23.8 27.0
152 (7.8m) 29.8 24.4 27.8
152 (7.8m) 30.4 25.7 28.4
156 (8.0m) 31.2 26.0 29.2
160 (8.3m) 32.0 26.3 30.0
164 (8.5m) 32.6 26.9 30.6

Construction Profiles
Maple / Ash Core
22 oz. Fiberglass
Maple/Ash cores optimize the responsive high-energy ride of Hard Maple with the impact and vibration absorption of White Ash. 
Maple / Fir Core
16 oz. Fiberglass
Blending Maple with Fir creates a far lighter board ideal for pure backcountry and splitboarding. 
Maple / Fir Core
8 oz. Carbon (+$99)
Using carbon in place of fiberglass creates the lightest possible board while maintaining torsional rigidity and optimum performance.

Splitboards (+$99)
We build our splitboards like our skis, using two matched cores surrounded by hard maple sidewalls, hardened steel edges, and re-enforced Kevlar.

Once we've confirmed your complete design, we'll construct your board in 2-4 weeks.


Construction Profile

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