The ultimate freeride board.

This directional twin's traditional camber allows precision at high-speed and sublime pop for smooth launches and landings. For deep snow and steep terrain, the heavy taper and slight setback provide ample float and effortless control, making the Supermoto the perfect blend of old and new school.


Expert riders with high amplitude tendencies will love the Supermoto with a high response carbon topsheet.


Supermoto Custom



    To achieve the highest possible quality, we handbuild your ski cores, blending hard maple, white ash, and fir. All Igneous skis have quartersawn hard maple sidewalls, which provide superior impact resistance to ABS and higher structural integrity than P-tex.

    Depending on your construction profile, varying weights of premium composite stitched triaxial fiberglass or carbon will enforce the stiffness and torsional rigidity of your skis. Bulletproof Kevlar protects from rocks and strategically placed rubber foil dampens chatter on crud.

    Typically found only on World Cup skis but found on all Igneous skis, sintered graphite bases are fastest, hold more wax, and are always all black. We stone grind them and apply a medium-coarse cross structure, base conditioner, and warm wax with cold wax overlay. Precision-tuned, hand-filed and polished oversized hardened steel edges are strong, fast, and provide both durability and tuning longevity.



    Igneous wood topsheets lend unique character to our skis and also provide additional rigidity. Wood is the original high-tensile, cross-linked polymer matrix, and with our high-performance epoxy, the topsheet significantly stiffens flex.

    We also gladly work with local artists on custom art skis. For maximum performance, optional carbon topsheets increase response and reduce weight.



    Igneous provides tuning and care instruction.
    Skis are warrantied for defects in materials an​d craftsmanship for three years or the equivalent of one 100-day season. All service is factory direct.


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