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Handmade Custom Snowboards

Realize snowboard nirvana.

The Igneous Method


The first step toward alpine bliss is a detailed interview with you to find the perfect shape, camber profile, and flex pattern for your skiing or riding style. Next, select your topsheet and optional custom art. From there, we develop the complete design, ensure you approve, then handcraft your skis or snowboard from the finest materials available.

Materials & Construction

Hard Maple/White Ash blended cores optimize the responsive high-energy ride of Hard Maple with the impact and vibration absorbtion of White Ash. We also blend Fir for lightweight backcountry applications. Quartersawn Hard Maple sidewalls flank the core, providing superior impact resistance compared to ABS and higher structural integrity than P-tex.

Sintered bases are better than extruded bases and sintered graphite bases are even faster and hold more wax. Typically found only on World Cup skis but found on all Igneous skis and snowboards, sintered graphite bases are always all black. We stone grind ours then apply a medium-coarse cross structure, base conditioner, and warm wax with cold wax overlay. Precision tuned, hand-filed and polished oversized hardened steel edges are fast, accurate and provide both durability and tuning longevity.

Two layers of premium composite stitched triaxial fiberglass further enforce torsional rigidity. The fiberglass weight affects the stiffness of your flex: Light - forgiving and floaty for powder, Medium - balanced all condition performance and Heavy - precision and stability at speed. Bulletproof Kevlar protects from rocks and strategically placed rubber foil dampens chatter on crud.

Our hardwood topsheets not only lend unique character to our skis and snowboards, they also provide additional rigidity. Wood is the original high-tensile crosslinked polymer matrix, and combined with our high-performance epoxy, the topsheet significantly stiffens flex.


Handmade Custom Skis are $1600 USD and take 3-5 weeks to design, build, and deliver.

Build My Skis

Handmade Custom Snowboards are $1200 USD and take 2-4 weeks to design, build, and deliver.

Build My Snowboard

Care & Warranty

Igneous provides tuning services and instruction. Skis and snowboards are warrantied for defects in materials and craftsmanship for three years or the equivalent of one 100-day season. All service is factory direct.


Igneous has handmade custom skis and snowboards in Jackson, Wyoming since 1994. We set out to make the perfect big mountain freeride powder ski that could withstand an entire season of hard-charging in Jackson Hole, a place notorious for devouring skis and boards. That mission remains today.


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